Christine Blair is a Master Herbalist teaching from her education and experience to create custom herbal supplement programs for adults, children, and animals as part of a larger holistic health plan.  Plans that also include nutrition, exercise, energy healing, personal empowerment, traditional medical health-care, and other forms of integrative health-care  (chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, etc.) as appropriate. 

Christine is very discerning when selecting supplement formulations she will recommend.  This is a serious matter for her as not only does it reflect upon the practice, but QUALITY is vital for healing to occur.  The quality of available products and brands can vary from having no trace of the supplement listed to not using the correct part of the plant to poor raw materials and practices in production.  These are things a label alone won't tell you, but experience teaches.

Christine has spent years researching products, results, and companies' best practices.  Not only has she done the leg work but she has the ability to sense the energy within a product. 

New products are created every day and when guided, she explores those as well.

The choice for using the Nature's Sunshine Products (NSP) line comes with years of constant quality, amazing combination of ingredients, the high vibration, and the outstanding results.

When taken consistently, as directed, the NSP products reflect what the herb's God-given gifts to us is meant to do.

During her own journey, she experimented with hundreds of product lines/companies, on line, direct sales, and off-the-shelf.  Each time she was guided, she explored new options and found the energy of the products to be better and more effective.  You can bet there is nothing she would recommend that she hasn't used for herself, for her family and pets.

This is not to say that there aren't other quality products found in stores or elsewhere.  What she is saying is that across the board these companies have demonstrated time and time again the values and commitment to superior quality Christine demands to keep her family and her clients safe.

Explore the Nature's Sunshine site to see more than 588 test run on each product to guarantee potency, purity, and integrity.

Christine also recommends the Original Limu product and several others listed below.