What will I eat?

There's no doubt that our busy lifestyles and the need for quick meals to feed our families created the market for mass-produced, processed foods that not only deplete valuable nutrients but introduce toxins to our systems.  

Additionally, lack of time usually limits exercise.  These variables lie at the base of so many health issues facing us today, especially obesity and diabetes.  Once people clear the traumas of “But I hate to cook.” “I don’t have time.” and “What will I eat?", they are enabled to create a healthy lifestyle far simpler than most believe.

You cannot out herb, out exercise or out detox a bad diet. -Christine Blair

A “healthy diet” is qualified by the following factors:

So let’s start with a little education… 


The best of food is wasted by improper digestion; and proper digestion begins in the mouth:

Then on to the Stomach:

On to the Small Intestine:

Off to the Large Intestine:

Foods to limit or avoid for best health:

Foods that benefit your body:

Practice mindful eating. Take time to enjoy your meals.  Smell and taste the experience.  Understand that whether the nutrient source is from supplements, juicing or whole food, it is the fuel body needs to live.  Be grateful, and enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.