Pet Consultations

Have you ever taken the time to just hold your pet's face in your hands, look straight into their loving eyes and see their soul? Animals, just as we humans, have a spiritual mission. That mission may be to comfort, love, protect, or simply remind us what it is that we need to know for our own spiritual growth.

Animals are beautiful gifts. Often their unconditional love is so great that they will act as a buffer for negative energy and absorb all that does not serve us humans. What we cannot see with our eyes, they see with their souls.

When in relationships with humans, animals need to find a way to release what they absorb energetically before it becomes overwhelming and manifests itself in physical ailments. This is when, herbs, nutrition, flower essences, proper exercise, energy healing and essential oils can help. These healing tools can help your pets to cope with traumas, fears, emotional, and physical issues.

Knowing this, it goes without saying that our pets often mirror weaknesses in our own health, and reflect the same types of supplements most needed for our healing to occur.

Alongside all of their hard work, pets are constantly communicating, some more talkative than others. Whether it's body language, facial expressions, or vocally, we've all seen it; all animals use the universal form of telepathy to communicate.

What I Offer

Christine is an animal communicator who's list includes animals of all species. Along with connecting to your animal telepathically, she connects with the angelic realm for any additional information that may be needed. Animals are usually happy to answer questions and share feelings with their caregivers. She believes that everyone has access to telepathy, and encourages the caregiver to develop those skills and offers suggestions that are the best fit.

Sessions may be in person or conducted from a distance.

Vet Colabs are Welcome

Collaboration with veterinarians is welcome. Alternative modalities and high quality supplementation are wonderful additions to medical practices. They have proven to be very supportive in achieving desired outcomes.

For all that our pets do for us every day, it feels good to know that we can give back for their untiring love and care.

You will love the results and your animals will thank you!