Mediumship is when a highly intuitive person facilitates communication between those who are living and souls who have crossed (the deceased).  Christine's intention is for peace, healing, and closure for everyone involved.

When loved ones make the transition, family and friends often comment on how at certain times they can feel the person or how things "happen" that would reflect his/her likes or behaviors when living.

Christine first experienced intense mediumship when her Grandmother passed.  The visions and conversations were vivid and detailed.  What she experienced was confirmed from family and in old photographs found 6 months later.  Not knowing how to share what she had experienced and the messages received from her grandmother, she was apprehensive, but very relieved to find that what she shared brought her mother, grandfather, and brother great comfort.

The spiritual journey between her and her grandmother is one of great humor, warmth, and love which continues to this day.

Christine acts as a bridge between the world we know (ordinary reality) and the world most people believe exist (the afterlife) through the use of her spiritual abilities: her ability to hear, see, know, and feel (and sometimes taste and smell) non-ordinary reality. 

What To Expect

Prior to your session there will be a prayer inviting God, Jesus Christ, and His holy guardian angels to oversee and guide the session with Christine's intention that what transpires be for the highest good for all involved.  She does not channel the deceased.  The angels mediate all communications.

Christine will ask you to bring a list of questions.  She may asked a little about the person to form a strong connection.  She will then gather and share the information received from angels, spirit guides, and the soul who has passed.  Christine communicates this information to you as if the two of you were having a conversation. Nothing to be feared.