Energy Healing

 Christine describes energy healing as “Prayer in Motion.” 

If your belief system supports that we are all connected to God - The Source - Oneness - Universal Love, (whatever your belief in a Higher Being may be) that would lead one to believe that we are also connected to one another through that Source.  This is why energy and distance healing work.

As spiritual healer, Christine Blair has the ability to “see” the person as a whole complete soul, perfect just as they are.  Her job is to help bring awareness and or remove any energetic blocks the client may hold that may be preventing them from healing, and seeing their issues and themselves through the eyes of God.

Energy healing assists the body by bringing it back into alignment and balance.  When the intention is set, this modality accelerates other healing work expressing itself within our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

What To Expect 

Prior to the session a prayer inviting God, Jesus Christ and His Will to be present and ever pervailing, and your holy guardian angels, is recited.  An intention is set for Christine to become an instrument for God's Divine love and grace, and whatever is to transpire be in the highest good.  You are clothed and lying on a table or in a relaxed setting for distance healing.

If in person, the practioner may be laying hands on or above the body and acting as a conduit for healing energy from our Divine Creator.  Your role is to relax and be willing to accept the healing energy.

Spiritual healing is a very personal, intimate, and quiet pursuit.  The outcome of your session is between you and God.