About Christine

Christine McGrew Blair is an Intuitive Naturopath and Master Herbalist guiding clients through a process of restoring their health using high quality supplements, flower essences, homeopathies, aromatherapy, nutrition, health education, energy healing and guidance from the angelic realm.

Prior to establishing her natural health business, Christine was an elementary teacher who rose through the ranks to become an educational expert and evaluate school systems for the Department of Education in Accreditation and AccountabilityIn addition, she was a School Improvement Planning Specialist, Curriculum and Instructional Specialist, and provided professional development for the needs of at-risk schools and the schools within the juvenile correctional systems through Virginia Commonwealth University.  She also mentored many teachers through the Career Switcher Program at the University of Virginia.  During this time, she embraced the opportunity to study Ethics in Leadership through Virginia Tech at the Exeter College at University of Oxford, England. It was in visiting the seat of the origin of Bach Flower Essesnces in Oxfordshire that she decided was time to take all of her studies and personal healing experiences and embrace the calling to enter the professional field of natural medicine.

Environmental Science and Coastal Ecology have been a life long love.  She shared her master course work studies from Mary Washington and William and Mary universities, and her passion with her students which eventually opened doors with the Math and Science Center and Chesapeake Bay Foundation where she instructed teachers how to integrate and implement this content within their curriculum.

Since childhood, Christine suffered numerous troubling health issues and just as she thought she was reaching the peak of health, her immune system took a devastating turn changing every aspect of her life.

Refusing to accept there was no cure, she continued to pray and God continued to answer prayers.  At the generous invitation of a student's family and suggestion of finding alternative healing, she flew to South Africa and began a quest for healing.  Upon arrival, she was carried off the airplane on a stretcher.  Five weeks after experiencing intense treatments of lymphatic massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and the caring and support of a loving South African family, Christine was on her path of healing, now able to carry her own luggage through the airport upon her return to the States.

Seeking more knowledge about natural health led Christine on an amazing path of natural health education that included truly inspired mentors, professors and teachers.  Christine is a Certified Natural Health Professional, a Master Herbalist, a Certified Aromatherapist, a Nutritionist, a Certified Natural Health Consultant, a Reiki with Angels Master/Teacher and is a Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy from Trinity School of Natural Health.

Through her private consultations, group sessions, speaking engagements, articles, radio shows and workshops, Christine has helped thousands of people and their pets find natural pathways to health and wellness globally.

Christine's other loves are her wonderfully large Lebanese and extended family, incredible friends, her clever & intuitive pets and passion for photography.  She also studied photo journalism and advertising and received her BS in EDU at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Anyone who attended middle and high school with her witnessed this pursuit.  Enjoy the photographs on this site.  They are some of her travel favorites!