Flower Essences

Flower Essences are a wonderful gift from God! 

They can help heal, balance, and strengthen our electrical energy system when it is out of balance. They can ease or eliminate emotional, spiritual, and mental turmoil. Flower Essences can help us cope with stressful situations so that we see the learning lessons in our daily life and avoid shutting down in judgment or despair. They can lift us when we feel stuck. Most importantly, Flower Essences can help each of us to remember our true eternal identity as one with God, an irreplaceable part of all that is.

How Flower Essences Work

How can remedies made from flower petals have such diverse and far-reaching abilities? Flower Essences are a vibration remedy. Each kind of Flower Essence is a high-frequency electrical solution, imprinted with the Divine wisdom and energetic vibration pattern of a particular flower. Flower Essences' gifts to us are these electrical vibrations.

Each of us is a complex electrical system. When our electrical systems function smoothly, we experience health, balance, and a connection to our source, God. When our electrical systems are challenged by the learning lessons of our daily life, they can sometimes overload, short circuit, or shut down. Unless these electrical disturbances are corrected, our bodies are cut off from the electrical life force energy needed to maintain health and balance. The places where the electrical flow has been disturbed can become the places where illnesses, aches and pains, or emotional, mental, and spiritual pain manifests. Flower Essences address the disturbances in our electrical system behind these symptoms.

Once introduced into our bodies, Flower Essences rapidly travel to the parts of ourselves affected by disturbances in our electrical flow. Flower Essences then work to open and re-balance our electrical systems and bring their own healing light and energy to the situation. This clears the way for the light and electrical energy of God to enter and further heal the situation.

Equally important, Flower Essences address the mental and emotional vibration patterns in the electrical network of our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, where we store old patterns of thoughts that keep us from moving forward.

Isn’t it amazing that the morning dew which lays upon the multitude of natures gifts in the early sun possesses the power to balance and restore what take most a life time if ever to release.  So gentle, so powerful, so peaceful ~ Why wouldn’t you give it a try?

What I offer:

Christine works with you on sorting through what issues are most important and thousands of essences available.  She will find the perfect essence(s) to support your mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual goals.  Based on what arises, Christine also creates affirmations for you that will work with old and new patterns of beliefs and behaviors ready to make that positive shift.  Developing those areas will help the essences to become even more effective.

How to Take Essences

The most effective way to take Flower Essences is much like the guidelines for homeopathic remedies: