I have been on a natural health program for the past 8 months.  I have noticed a significant difference in my health since I have started with my products.  I plan to continue working with my programs and keeping up with the changing needs as my body begins to repair.  Christy Blair has been fabulous!  She calls to see how I am progressing.  She offers life coaching when it is necessary, and it has been very helpful.  Even though I live in the State of Washington, Christy keeps in contact with me.  She makes me feel as if she lives just around the corner.

              DMS, Washington               _______________________________

My life would be completely different if I had not met Christy, and I don't even want to imagine where I would be without her.  Christy is truly an angel and is also a very gifted healer and teacher.  I see her as my herbalist, energy worker, support team, life-coach, teacher, mentor, and (lucky me!) friend.  When I need help with a physical or emotional challenge I often see Christy for herbal advice and Reiki.  Her supplement programs and energy work sessions alone have helped me meet challenges in my life in just months, when it would have taken years on my own.  It has been such a joy to come back to meet with Christy every few months.  I love keeping a journal because this allows me to see how I am moving forward with my goals.  Her gift as a medium between us and the deceased and her connection with the angels has taught me about my own support team and has helped me learn different ways of turning to spirit anytime I would like.  It is such a nice reminder to know someone who is strongly connected to the ancestral realm because we often often forget that we can still communicate and feel close to loved ones who have passed.  As my teacher and mentor, Christy has helped me see who I truly am and brings me closer to my optimal state of being in the world.  I think this is the greatest gift anyone can share!

When I first met Christy, I felt pretty ill and did not have much hope surrounding my health issues.  I now feel like the healthiest person in Virginia, and send people to her every chance I get! 

                                                       J. J.,  Richmond, Virginia


I live in Florida and my daughter came down to see me about a month ago. I saw how good my daughter is doing and I want to feel just as good, so I decided to give it a try. I'm feeling better already, in a short period of time. Christine has a beautiful personality and really seems to care about each person individually.
                                                                    Sandra, Florida

I have been using Natural Supplements since 1998 and Christy M. Blair has been my adviser, my encourager, my inspiration and teacher.

I had been taking a prescription for estrogen for almost 10 years and knew it was causing tumors in my breast. After my third surgery, I knew there had to be some other alternative. Along side of the hot flashes, anxiety there was a life long history of sinus headaches, irregularity, digestive issues and exhaustion. After I began my consultations with Christy, my program of natural supplements and continuing my visits on a regular basis for consultations, I no longer have these problems. I am able to work on maintenance and new levels of healing. I feel more balanced than ever.

I have been a caretaker most of my life and recently have had many losses in my family in a short time frame. Not only did the supplements keep me balanced but also provided me with the energy and stamina I needed to deal with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the process. I am not sure where I would have been without the support from not only the supplements, but also the flower essences, essential oils (which I so enjoy) and life strategies that were later introduced to my programs.

It's not just for people anymore. The many precious dogs in my life have also benefited from her programs. I have been amazed at the results!

Christy has taught me so much that now I feel EMPOWERED to discover what I need in many situations. I know that I am in control of my health and it no longer controls me.

She is definitely a gift from God.

ESM, Virginia

I have been seeing her for over 2 years now and she has helped my body, my mind and my soul to heal. She has helped to bring me back to life. I was pretty close to dead when she found me. I was going through treatment for a serious disease at the time, and all of me had just about given up on life.  She has helped me to see the beautiful person I am and the wonderful life I have ahead of me. Not all will need as much help as I did, and still do, but whatever your need, I have no doubt in my mind that she will be able to help you with it.  She's wonderful.

Give her a try, you'll see.... Peace & Blessings!

Tina, Richmond, Virginia

I was one of those people that made sure everyone was happy before me, I would try to fix other people's problems before mine.  I would keep every little emotion bottled up inside so no one could see, and I was so afraid if I did speak my mind I would hurt someone, get judged or maybe just be told I was wrong.  Well Christy you helped me realize that by doing that I was doing more harm than good.  Not only to others but mostly to myself.  I felt I was in this hole and couldn't get out.  It got to the point where I couldn't eat, sleep, and I didn't want to hang out with anyone but at the same time felt that I was desperate for friends.  I never felt that anyone want me around that I was a burden on people and that I wasn't good enough to hang out with these people.  I had no confidence.

By having me write down the things I was feeling and why I was feeling them,  I noticed that I started solving my own problems, started letting go.

The best way to put it; I let go.  I started doing this and could feel the change already.  Then you had me take some herbs.  They were for my digestive system and a little for emotional.  The first month I took the herbs I felt so good.  I could eat a full meal and not feel sick afterwards.

My body craved food again. Before I would force myself to eat because I knew I had to eat, plain and simple.  Slowly you changed the program by having me switch to different herbs that would help me get to the point where I needed to be.  I would say in a two months period doing all the herbs and exercises you had me do, I was finally finding out who I was.  I was becoming my own person.  I started realizing what I wanted in my life. Down to the foods I was eating, and to the people that surrounded me everyday.  I even met the man of my dreams, because you helped me find me first.

 I wanted to tell you about when I knew my life had finally begun.  I can tell you the day and time.  It was May 15, 2005 at 2:30 am.  I had just gotten home from the most wonderful date of my life.  I was literally floating on cloud nine.  I had just dozed off when my phone rang.  It turned out to be one of the people I was trying to get out of my life, the most harmful one.

After he was done saying all of he had to say, I stood there and felt like something was holding my head up and my back straight.  I told him to leave and never come back I didn't want to speak to him or see him again.  Now that was the hardest thing I ever had to do.  Mind you this was a guy I had, had a relationship with for 2 and half years.    I know now that “the something” that was holding me up was all the things you had done for me and taught me. I was now strong physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

That night was the beginning of the rest of my life.

I could have never gotten to this place if it wasn't for your help. I have never felt so happy and healthy like this before.  I have never felt more confident with myself like I do now.  I know now that if I love myself and am true to myself things will work out for the best. 

I don't know how to tell you the amount of gratitude I have for you.  It is beyond words.

You have truly changed my life and there is no doubt in my mind that this feeling that I have will never go away, because I know what it is like to not find yourself worthy and not truly like yourself and not know who you are.  I am now that strong, independent and confident woman that I always wanted to be.

I just hope all the other women out in the world who feel the way I felt OR have their own troubles in their journey have the opportunity to do what I did, and know that help is right at their finger tips even if you are on the other coast like I am.  It’s amazing that I am who I am today with all of this work via telephone!

Please share this letter with the groups of women you meet.  Tell them not to waste one more day of their lives that the beautiful journey begins today. 

Next month I marry the man of my dreams, because I now like who I am and feel worthy and in control of my life choices.

                                                                        Thank you,

Your Grateful Client,     L.S. ,  WA