New Client Information

Congratulations!  You have chosen to take the first step in your journey toward a more healthy and balanced life.  Since this is your journey and my role is one of education and support, know that your words hold a great deal of value.  It is important to be clear, concise and honest, with yourself as well as the information you share in order to make the most of your program.

Use the guidelines below to help you prepare for your consultation: 

  1. 4 forms to download (click) and bring with you to your appointment
  2. Your blood type (your doctor and places you donated blood will know)
  3. List all surgeries, injuries or traumas (physical or emotional) and approximate dates
  4. Summary of family medical history
  5. List all medications: prescriptions as well as-over-the-counter medications
  6. List any nutritional supplements you are currently taking -- feel free to bring them
  7. List any allergies: environmental, nutritional, medical, etc.
  8. Chronic illnesses or complaints and any prior diagnoses
  9. Any complementary practitioners or medical doctors past & present
  10. Your personal health goals and the changes you would like to see in yourself
  11. Please bring your journal to ALL consultations. 
Your journal, over time, should contain:   
  • All the information you have collected to bring to your first consult - listed above
  • Any Questions you wish to ask
  • Pertinent nutritional information, food log, exercises, best practices discussed
  • Past & present health programs
  • Documentation of your observations, emotions and thoughts throughout the process
  • All fact sheets print outs for supplements in your program.
  •  (Clients have found it helpful for fact sheets to be kept in a separate 3-ring binder with a section for a food log and a spiral journal inserted into this binder.)

You will find your journal to be an invaluable resource for information, documentation of health progression and insight.